1 year mentorship programme to the value of R 10 000

In the Mentorship programme we Provide small businesses with access to training tools and platforms that larger businesses use to run their businesses and communicate with customers. We build a strong online reputation, and leverage network marketing. Helped small business owners build and foster relationships with their customers through a social media to understand and retain existing customers, attract new customers, and increase overall profitability via email, text, and social media marketing. 

  • Developed email and text message marketing campaigns designed to target specific groups of businesses’ existing customer base.
  • Enhanced online reputations of small businesses’ by integrating various functions into their websites and Facebook pages such as appointment scheduling, promotions, and automatic, near-real time public posting of customers’ reviews.
  • Collaborated with Sales, Business Development, Product Insight, Engineering, and other internal departments on a daily basis.
  • Oversaw tracking, performance measurement, and reporting.

The mentorship programme will help you review financial records to identify areas of opportunity for growth, communicating those findings to business owners. Conduct market research to identify target markets, and niche opportunities. Review marketing campaigns to improve marketing strategies to increase visibility and promote repeat business. Explore opportunities in web advertising to provide cost savings.

  • Identified niche clients that would provide a customer base increase.
  • Identified advertising opportunities to increase client reach while reducing costs via web campaigns.
  • Improved client contact records database to encourage repeat business and reduce mailer costs.

Provide financial management to an emerging business through the mentorship programme:

  • Tracked revenues/expenditures
  • Compiled and organized data for submittal of taxes
  • Developed fiscal projections and strategies to grow business.
  • Leveraged expertise assisting small business owners expand both their market share as well as their profitability.
  • Evaluated, recommended and implemented strategic solutions and business process improvements while helping clients develop and implement marketing strategies directed at short and long term business goals

Assist small business in a variety of industries to streamline and grow their business.

  • The mentorship Programme assists small business firms in formalising bid processes, marketing and sales targeting, and building a growth strategy
  • Establish a manufacturers rep network for an engineering and robotics company
  • Lead the sourcing and negotiations with vendors for a startup.
  • Helping a start-up develop a business plan for capital funding
  • Review financial statements, evaluated competitors, analyzed business practices
  • Improvise cash flow management
  • Develop payroll system, improved employee attendance
  • Present new business operation model, outreached for business expansion

Consult with prospective clients in areas such as Payroll, Tax Compliance, Labor Laws, Business Formation, Tax Rates, etc.

  • Create Procedural and Structural Development
  • Prepare the business for Future Expansion